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NamE aq nUROL FasIHA binti NasrI... fRom pEraK...Now STudy kt Universiti Malaya,k.l n wat degree in malaY studies major language n minOr MEDIA..,aq TeLAH dilahirkan pada tggal 24 march 1989 pDa jam 3a.m hri jumaat..BErkt Kelahirn aq..huhu.Mak SY OWG banjar same gak my abah,,so da cmpur2,,sy Pown owg banjar la.hehe,,,,,just a sImple girl..Plesss bg komen Kt MY blog k....

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Friday, October 1, 2010

mlm ini

I ve learned that love will never end, Loves between two people and two heart, Loves growing with pain and anger, Loves grow with such memories and happiness. Loves has no logic they said, Yes it’s true, love is blind, Listen and follow your heart, May you find, what you been looking for. I ve 

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