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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

study week / study break..!!!

selalu sbut jew study week, student2 ney msti suke...betoi x?? de yg anggap ni la time utk drg release tensn after berbulan2 study2...dok perah otak siapkan asgmt, g ulang alik kelas, naik turn bukit...haha..dew pulak yg time study week ney la bru nak pulun habis pe yg drg belajar selama r mane xnye selama ni g kelas tido jew...time nk exam bru kalut cri nota bagai....hahaha..betoi x? dew pulak yg time ney la nak demam kan? 
da mcm wabak la ye...

so, nak share pew sebnrnye tujuan adenye study break ney..

Taking regular and planned study breaks is known to relieve tiredness while improving absorption of the material you are studying.

Did you know that your brain remembers absolutely everything that you ever see, read, hear, touch, taste, etc? Yet, most of this information is never correctly cataloged into topics and categories that make it easy to remember and recall. The major benefit of taking study breaks is that it allows the brain time to order and organize the information you are learning in small manageable chunks that can then be located and recalled at a future date.

Here is a simplified version of the ideal study break process. You may feel at times that you do not need to take a break, or that you simply do not have time to step away from your studies.

Study breaks are designed as a tool to keep your body and brain fresh in ways that will improve long-term memory and help better categorize the information you are learning for more effective memory recall. Here is a quick three point break down of the process:

a) Study for 25 minutes
b) Take a Break for 5 minutes
c) Conduct a Review for 5 minutes

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